Web-talk by Animesh Pathak on 13th Feb

A web-talk was held by our alumni Animesh Pathak (2003 batch) on 13th Feb (Saturday) at 2 PM. It was held in our dept in Batch of 98 Hall.

For those who dont know about him here are some facts:

  • He got 10 points in 4 consecutive semesters.
  • Was Convener of Kashi Yatra in his 4th year.
  • He is currently working in INRIA, France as Researcher
  • He is one of the most active alumni in all Institute projects.

He talked about various aspects of intern-ships.

  • Why internship is necessary?

    Intern-ship is very important for industrial exposure and working experience on live projects.
    If we apply for job, our previous experience in the field counts.

  • Which internship to pursue industrial or research?
    Both are equally important.
  • Is internship important after 1st year or 2nd year?
  • What is value of Prof. project?

Unfortunately power-cut happened before he could tell us more. We are planning to continue this workshop sooner we get the appointment from Animesh.

Here are some pics of the talk.

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8 Feb: Networks 10:15AM
10 Feb: Software Engineering 11:15AM
11 Feb: Artificial Intelligence 11:15AM