Mathmania Report

On 13th Mar, Codefest was proud to have world’s top coders and mathematical geeks as participants in first of the three live contests, MathMania,
mathematical puzzle contest.

Overall 954 participants across 54 countries competed in the gruelling battle. It was a 6 hour contest with 10 mathematical puzzles for which participants were required to only provide the answers.

KoenR from Netherlands won the contest and was the only person to solve all the 10 problems correctly.
DrKorbin and Silence both from Russia bagged 2nd and 3rd positions with 185 and 150 points respectively.
Complete ranklist is available at There are only 5 indians ( 2 from IT-BHU) in top 30 and that includes 4 professionals also.

The intensity of the competition can be imagined by the fact that ACRush (Google CodeJam 2008 and 2009 winner) solved the first problem in 8 mins and KoenR solved Problem 7 in the very last minute to snatch the first prize from DrKorbin. It was indeed a pleasure for the event administrators to see the actual scoreboard fluctuating almost every minute of the contest.

It was great for all of us to have positive feedbacks regarding the level of problems and the organization of the event from the various participants.

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