Mathmania trial round success story

Mathmania trial round was successfully organised on 13th Feb, 2010. The contest ran smoothly from 13th Feb 6:00 PM to 14th Feb 12:00AM.
The judge made by Harshath was really awesome, that it took the load of submission very efficiently and there was no problem reported.

Five prizes are to be distributed to:

The full scoreboard is available for the trial run.

One of the participants and winner Keshav Dhandhania (keshav_57) wrote an email to Codefest team after the contest. The email says


This is a mail of acknowledgment to the organizers of Codefest.

By the current standards, it is not uncommon to see a contest
organized by Indian Institutions to perform really badly. The website
maintainance is usually poor, the problem statements usually have some
technical flaw, etc, etc.
The contest I participated in yesterday (mathmania), was an exception
to all this. It was nice to see the website functioning very well
during the contest, and the problem statements very well stated. It
was also nice to see the prompt and quick responses to the few queries
that still remained. Also, the organizers were courteous enough to add
an extra prize seeing the good performance (or possibly the same
score), although I would count this as secondary, since this depends
on how much sponsor one can get.

I thank you, for doing some good to the Indian repute in such
competitions. And I hope, there will be many more such competitions
from your side, and from other Indian Institutes.
Please keep up the good work in the rest of the upcoming contests.
The contest organized by you was much better than most IIT and NIT and
other contests I have participated in.

I often curse the bad organizers, when the server goes down, or there
is a system crash. But then, lets not forget to appreciate the good
ones. That is all I intended to do with this e-mail. It is weird how
much people underestimate the importance of such appreciation.

Thanking You
Yours Sincerely
A satisfied participant

Keshav Dhandhania

Another participant wrote:

Your current tentative-scoreboard criteria is good. keep it the same in main contest.keep it the same in main contest. ….Contest was good, complements !!

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